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The French Ideologues Who Inspired the Alt-Right

Elderly Frenchmen Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye are far from household names in Europe and the U.S. But their ideas have fueled white nationalism across both continents.”>

NICE, FranceAlain de Benoist is the prolific and quintessentially Gallic icon of Frances New Right, the political and philosophical school of thought that formed in Nice in January 1968and somehow wound up as a principal inspiration for Americas alt-right.

Benoist, 72, and Guillaume Faye, 67, another key figure in the often-controversial Nouvelle Droite who later broke with Benoist, are far from household names in Europe or the United States. But references to these two elderly French intellectuals pop up regularly in the alt-right and pro-Donald Trump forums on Reddit and 4chan. Their work is reviewed and promoted by many key white nationalists in the U.S., including Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson.

Ideas cribbed from the New Right, which peaked in the 1970s, are also part of the engine fueling the rapid rise of the extreme right in Europe, including the brand-new, anti-immigration National Party in Ireland, whose first meeting at a five-star hotel in Dublin was canceled this week after a public outcry.

In particular, Fayes Why We Fighta call to whites to unite against the colonization of Europe by non-whiteshas become the literary cri de coeur for right-wing nationalists all over the world, from 65-year-old Jared Taylor, the founder and editor of the white-supremacist American Renaissance magazine, to a young Swedish man called The Golden One who has thousands of followers on YouTube, to a 28-year-old Paris-based porn star-turned-alt-right goddess named Electre.

Earlier this year, Benoist and Faye were cited as dangerous influences by the Southern Poverty Law Center, alongside Rush Limbaugh and the Ku Klux Klan, after Breitbart News published a video made by members of the European anti-immigrant Identitarian youth movement.

The Identitarians formed in France in 2002 before spreading throughout Europeand they also cite Frances New Right as inspiration. Breitbart News calls them right-wing hipsters, and they champion Donald Trump as much as they do far-right politicians all over Europe, especially Frances Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

Benoist could have hardly imagined that one day hed help lead the charge against cuckservatives the world over.

Reached at his home in Paris this week, he laughed and then started coughing when asked if he ever envisioned that the ideas contained in his more than 100 bookssuch as Manifesto for a European Renaissance or On Being a Paganand his more than 2,000 articles could ever be linked with the real-estate developer soon to occupy the White House and his consigliere, Steve Bannon, the former chairman of Breitbart News.

Monsieur Trump? said Benoist. I know him only by reputation. Monsieur Bannon, non. I know nothing of their milieu and I find it hard to believe they know much about mine.

Benoists history with the New Right is as complicated as the movement itself, which was labeled racist and fascist in its early years but was more rooted in populist ultranationalism and opposed to multiculturalism, immigration, and the idea of the American melting pot forced on European culture than anything else.

The New Right grew out of the think tank called GRECE, formed in Nice, and was largely an academic pursuit into the early to mid-1970s, when it morphed into a set of ideals that led to various nationalist parties like Frances National Front.

Benoist, once the culture editor at Le Figaro, told The Daily Beast he feels some of the alt-right is white supremacist but rejects that label himself, and indeed he has written extensively against racism. Hes also long been opposed to the National Front, though many others in the New Right have been allied with it. He considers Faye, long the bad cop to Benoists good cop in the Nouvelle Droite, to be an extremist.

Yet while Benoist claims to know little about the alt-right, he and Faye have appeared at white-nationalist conferences in the U.S., including Jared Taylors annual American Renaissance conference.

Greg Johnson, who runs the Counter-Currents website, and other white nationalists told The Daily Beast theyve met de Benoist at conferences in the U.S. and Europe, and have communicated with him over the years while overseeing translations of his books. Yet Benoist said their names were barely familiar to him.

The French New Right has been a big influence on me and the alt-right, Johnson told The Daily Beast. Benoist and Faye come up with great stuff. Europes being colonized by Islam. They replicate their forms of society within our forms of society, and the end result is that we will lose our homelands. Faye tries to understand why people wont defend their own. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the French were more concerned with Islamophobia than with those who were massacred for their opinions.

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Benoist and Faye owe one white nationalist in particular for the spread of their work outside the French-speaking world.

Daniel Friberg, 38, a Swedish-born former mining executive, began Arktos, now the biggest alt-right publishing company in the world, seven years ago. Friberg grew up happily in a small, homogenous town in Sweden with what he said were leftist liberal parents. All that changed, he said, when at 13 he went to junior high school, where there were many immigrant students, part of the first wave of the large-scale immigration that began in Sweden in the mid-1980s.

I had been taught to think multiculturalism was great until I experienced it, Friberg told The Daily Beast. But the reality was a culture shock. The media and everyone else told me that it was all good. It was a rude awakening. It wasnt good. There was a lot of chaos, crime, drugs, bringing guns to school, you name it.

Feeling hed been lied to by everyone and wanting to understand this transformation Sweden was undergoing, Friberg started reading political-science books voraciously, in particular Benoist and Faye. Even though Friberg had only a schoolboy knowledge of French, he understood the texts.

The French New Right books were the first I read, and they were an eye-opener for me, Friberg said. I couldnt find anything in them I disagreed with.

In 2009 Friberg left his day job to start Arktos and Right On, a blog for the alt-right. One of the first things he did was approach Benoist and Faye, and buy the rights to publish their most popular books in Englishand later other languages.

Weve red-pilled people all over the world, even China and India, with these books, Friberg said, using the term favored by the alt-right to describe the process of turning others on to their ideas. Many of our customers are surprisingly young and surprisingly well-educated. Many are former leftists who as we like to say [are] former members of the regressive left. A lot are disenfranchised libertarians.

Friberg has written his own book, The Real Right Returns, and like pretty much everyone in the alt-right universe, he is thrilled with Trumps election.

Wed be growing with or without him, Friberg said. But now its clear. Right-wing populism is here to stay.

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How Donald Trump Could Make His Detroit Trip MeaningfulBut Won’t

Universally despised by black voters, the choice to send Donald Trump to largely African Americans communities now is like toting a gallon of kerosene to a camp fire.”>

It is hard to fathom a public figure who is more universally despised in the African American community.

Now, as Donald Trump leaves Philadelphia and heads to Detroit, his campaign team believes they can turn the tide. But the highly scripted visit to the Motor City, notably Trumps first direct appeal to black voters, may not engender the response he might hope. Instead, the well-orchestrated string of photo ops is likely to stoke the flames of loathing already ablaze.

Arguably, given his low single-digit support among black voters, no one has been so widely reviled since General Sherman burned down Atlantas west end in 1864. According to a recent public opinion poll, Trumps favorability rating among African Americans is at zero percent. Even Alabama governor George Wallace, the segregationist and onetime presidential candidate, might have had an easier time luring black votes.

In the City of Brotherly Love, rather than meet with black elected officials and other prominent community leaders and activists, he rented a church catering hall and surrounded himself with a dozen hand-picked black Republicansincluding Calvin Tucker, one of only a handful of black delegates at the GOP convention in Julywho sat adoringly at the roundtable. According to the New York Times, the Friday meeting did include the mother of 20-year-old Iofemi Hightower, who was murdered by a group of men which included two undocumented immigrants. But, instead of addressing rape and gun violence, Trump focused his attention on the draconian anti-immigration policies he has proposed.

Trumps plan to attend a Saturday morning worship services at Great Faith International Ministries and then sit down for a one-on-one interview with Bishop Wayne Jackson has been met with a collective shrug. Skipping the opportunity to have a genuine conversation, there are reportedly no plans to address the congregants and the events are closed to the broader public. 

Long on theatrics and woefully short on meaningful policy solutions, the pre-baked questions and answers were leaked to the media. Even the church service was a ticketed event.

Trump has been previously ridiculed for never once holding an event in a predominantly black neighborhood and declining invitations to speak before several prominent civil rights groups, including national conventions for the NAACP, National Urban League and National Association of Black Journalists, in over a year of active campaigning. Boasting that he is black Americas answer to generational poverty and violent crime, in city after city, the former reality television personality had previously taken his case to predominantly white audiences. Curiously, there were few non-white faces present at those rallies and the response from black voters has predictably ranged from frustration to anger.

It is difficult to imagine that Trump will garner more than 3 5 percent of the black vote come November and it is doubtful that this new strategy will have any impact on the real target: suburban white women.

However, the issue for Trump extends beyond the litany of political missteps in recent days. Years before the real estate developer hit the campaign trail, his public track recordincluding two Justice Department lawsuits citing housing discrimination and his attempts to delegitimize the nations first black presidentleft his reputation among black people in tatters. The choice to send Trump to largely black communities now– with just 65 days left, no real campaign infrastructure and a small gaggle of no-name African American surrogates– is like toting a gallon of kerosene to a camp fire.

If Donald Trump truly cared about black voters, about increasing his support from our communities, he would do more than show up for a scripted interview in Detroit. He would do more than slip on a custom tailored suit, don a silk tie and spew poorly hewed talking points before an all-white audience crowded into suburban gymnasium. He would certainly be able to recruit better surrogates than Omarosa Manigault, the newly installed director of African American outreach who has no campaign experience and no credible constituencies among black voters, and Pastor Mark Burns, who is facing a tumult of criticism after CNNs Victor Blackwell revealed that the South Carolina televangelist falsified significant portions of his public biography. Then, of course, there is American Spectator editor and CNN political contributor Jeffrey Lord who contends that Burns is being targeted because he left the plantation.

If he really wanted more black support, he would not have hired the publisher of a right-wing website that peddles racial animus for profit as his new campaign chief. And he most certainly would not be hop-scotching across the country and using African Americans as props in his charade.

Keep speaking, supporters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson known by their stage names Diamond and Silk– tweeted Saturday. While some dont want to face the truth, Black people are waking up and joining the Trump train.

She is not our slave master, the duo from North Carolina said of Hillary Clinton in a YouTube video released last week.

Rather than mount a slip-shod campaign, festooned with vicious stereotypes, including those advanced by Diamond and Silk, Trump would take the opportunity to get to know us, to know our families and our issues. If he was serious about courting African American voters, Trump would then offer substantive policy solutions aimed at delivering liberty and justice to the communities that need them most instead of lacing his appeals with long-debunked statistics gleaned from conspiratorial websites run by white nationalists.

The real workbuilding relationships and support among black voterscould have and should have begun long ago and it would have started with a specific apology for his dodgy record on racial issues.

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LGBT Community to Donald Trump: Shove It, You Homophobe

The presumptive GOP nominee has made a big show of reaching out his tiny hands to the LGBT community this week. The response? An overwhelming pass.”>

The orange stripe in the gay flag symbolizes healing. At this rate, Donald Trump will be claiming that it stands for him by the end of the week.

This Tuesday, two days after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, the presumptive GOP nominee inexplicably thanked the LGBT community on Twitter. It didnt take long for LGBT Twitter users to respond in kind with the hashtag #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty.

Because while most Americans dont like Donald Trump, LGBT people despise him.

Based on his tweet, Trump seemed to be under the impression that the mass shooting had convinced a sizable number of LGBT people to support his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

LGBT social media users quickly disabused him of that notion with witty replies and, of course, a flood of GIFs: GIFs of Tyra Banks, GIFs of Tyler Oakley, and, of course, GIFs of RuPaul.

Theres more proof than a few thousand tweets that LGBT Americans loathe the Republican candidate for president.

According to May Gallup polling, Trump has a favorability rating of just 18 percent among LGBT people as compared to Hillary Clintons 54 percent rating with the same demographic. This gap between them is one of the widest, surpassed only by Trumps large deficits among non-white and Muslim voters.

Another May poll indicated that more than four out of five LGBT voters would rather pull the lever for Clinton.

And yet Trump continues to claim on the campaign trail that Clinton is no friend of LGBT Americans and that hell do more to keep them safe from radical Islam.

At a campaign rally in Atlanta on Wednesday, he claimed that the LGBT community, the gay community, the lesbian communitythey are so much in favor of what Ive been saying over the last three or four days.

In true Trump fashion, his sudden concern for the safety LGBT Americans comes after years of mocking them and opposing their rights. Indeed, the LGBT animus against Trump runs so deep because it has been so long in the making.

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Its easy to list off Trumps most memorable displays of homophobia. For example, in a 2011 New York Times interview, Trump compared his stance on same-sex marriage to his traditionalist attitudes about golf putter size. The bizarre analogy implied that gay men and lesbians were weird.

[A] lot of people are switching to these really long putters, he said, Very unattractive. Its weird. You see these great players with these really long putters because they cant sink three-footers anymore. And I hate it. I am a traditionalist.

In 2014, as Gawker reminded its readers on Tuesday, Trump reacted badly when Michael Sam made NFL history as the first openly gay NFL draftee. He had some particularly choice thoughts about the celebratory kiss Sam shared with then-boyfriend Vito Cammisano, telling Fox & Friends that the football player was really going at it.

And, in what should by now be familiar rhetoric, Trump complained that the country is going to hell because homophobes were afraid to express their own thoughts about the lip-lock because were too politically correct.

And while Trumps long-running habit of insulting Rosie ODonnell has primarily been seen as misogynisticespecially after he doubled down by calling her a pig at the first GOP primary debatethe comedians sexual orientation has also played an undeniable role in Trumps bullying of her.

LGBT critics on sites like AfterEllen and Autostraddle have long perceived the real-estate magnates fixation on ODonnell as having a homophobic dimension.

Trump seems to have taken a special interest over the years in ODonnells love life. In 2011, after she got engaged to Michelle Rounds, Trump sarcastically tweeted that he felt sorry for her new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the thought of their daughter being with Rosiea true loser.

And back in 2006when Trump told ET that ODonnell was disgusting, both inside and out and that she talks like a truck driverhe actually threatened to send a buddy over to steal the comedians girlfriend.

Rosies a person thats very lucky to have her girlfriend, and she better be careful or Ill send one of my friends over to pick up her girlfriend, he said. Why would she stay with Rosie if she had another choice?

Autostraddle Editor-in-Chief Marie Lyn Bernard noted that this attack, like many others, was tinged with [a] particular brand of homophobic misogyny based on ODonnells gender presentation.

Trump hasnt been content to keep his offensive comments confined to the first two letters of the LGBT acronym, either. In August of 2012, he went after Arianna Huffingtons now-dissolved marriage to Michael Huffington, who came out as bisexual all the way back in 1998.

[Arianna Huffington] is unattractive both inside and out, he tweeted. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a manhe made a good decision.

In less than 140 characters, he managed to insult Huffingtons appearance, repeat a rumor about their divorce, and invoke the stereotype that bisexual people are unfaithful because of their orientation.

At least one transgender woman has also found herself on the receiving end of Trumps insulting word salads, too.

In a 2012 interview with Barbara Walters, Trump openly floated a conspiracy theory about the name of transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova, who was temporarily kicked out of the Trump-run competition after organizers discovered that she had undergone sex reassignment surgery.

During the interview, Trump held up a piece of paper on which he had written Jennatal and rambled, I looked at her nameand somebody brought this up to meJennatal. Those are the first letters of her name. And its genital. And Im saying to myself, Hmm… thats strange. Could there be an ulterior motive?

Trump supported Talackovas readmission into the pageant but his strange Jennatal theory did not go unnoticed by the transgender community.

At this point, theres little use trying to pin down Donald Trumps inscrutable and ever-shifting policy positions on LGBT issues. Back in April, for example, he adopted a surprisingly progressive stance on transgender bathroom use before walking back to a milquetoast states rights position. Somewhere around that time, Caitlyn Jenner paid a visit to the Trump Tower womens room after he gave her express permission to do so.

The Trump campaign has been somewhat murky on same-sex marriage, too. In January, he told Fox News that he would strongly consider appointing Supreme Court judges to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges. But as Politico reported Wednesday, some gay Republican advocates now see a Trump White House as an opportunity to soften their partys stance on same-sex marriage.

While it may not be certain what a President Trump would do on LGBT issues, the things that he has said about LGBT people are crystal clear. It seems unlikely that a demographic that already hates himand that he has spent years offendingwould turn to him now for protection.

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/16/lgbt-community-to-donald-trump-shove-it-you-homophobe.html

Donald Trump Hearts Chris Christie, Buys Himself a Share of Bridgegate

It turns out that Jerseys dirty business doesnt stay in Jersey.”>

What a tangled web we weave when our high-level staffers engage in a criminal conspiracy to exact political retribution on an unassuming elected official and his constituents and then we make it out of the scandal alive only to sully what remains of our reputation by enlisting as the butt-boy for a neo-fascist presidential candidate.

Thats how the old saying goes, anyway.It might need updating now that a significant development in the Bridgegate saga threatens to pull Chris Christie back injust when he thought he was outand drag in Donald Trump, too.

From the vantage point of the tail-end of the Republican primary, Bridgegate looks like ancient history.But in New Jersey, its still very much an ongoing story.

One that Trump dipped into Monday when he announced Christie would serve as the chairman of his transition team (something not usually announced until the fall, just before the general election, but why start abiding by the customs of American democracy now?)

Christie, of course, endorsed Trump in February, after dropping out of the Republican primary following a humiliating performance in New Hampshire.

The two are longtime friends, but politics had seemed to get in their way.

Trump suggested, in December, Christie totally knew about Bridgegate (which would make him guilty of a crime) and Christie spent much of the last few weeks of his campaign cautioning his crowds against supporting Trump.

Bravado, by itself, is not a plan, hed said a few days before he ended his campaign. Hes just not the right person to be president of the United States and not the person wed want representing our country. He then went on to do a long and involved impression of Trump and his plan to build a big, beautiful wall.

They put all of that behind them when Christie decided to stand behind Trump. But the drip, drip of Bridgegate is incessantthe trial is set to begin in September, and Christie may testifymaking it hard not to wonder if Trump is setting himself up to regret their reconciliation.

On Tuesday, Trump told the Associated Press that Christie had not been ruled out of the running to be his vice president. Trump has, he said, a list of five or six people hes consideringhe wants a politician, someone who the media have already vetted, not a businessmanand he implied Christie is on it.

Also Tuesday, a federal judge in New Jersey was deciding to release the names of the unindicted Bridgegate co-conspiratorsthe people who knew about the plot to close the access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, but werent charged. The decision came after 13 media outlets requested the information be unsealed.

Although privacy for third parties is indeed important, U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton wrote in her statement, this court is satisfied that the privacy interests of uncharged third parties as insufficiently compelling to outweigh the publics right of access.

Judge Wigenton specifically said individuals thus far identified as being involved in the lane closings have been public employees and/or elected and appointed officials.

Wonder who that could include.

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This being a story about Trump and the governor of New Jersey, there is, it should come as no surprise, a complicated twist involving prison.

As part of her decision, Judge Wigenton cited a 2005 case called U.S. v. Kushner, but I like to think of it as Christie v. Donald Trumps Son-In-Laws-Dad.

Christie, at the time, was the (Bush-appointed) United States Attorney. He charged Charles Kushner, a real estate developer and big-time Democratic donor, with tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegally contributing to campaigns.

Charles Kushner is the father of Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, Donald Trumps favorite daughter.

In that case, the judge had decided the public has a strong interest in the use officials make of their positions of public interest.

Christie locked Kushner up for two years.

And as if thats not all strange and confusing enough, theres another wrinkle to consider.

In 2006, Jared Kushner purchased the New York Observer, which owns Politicker NJ, a New Jersey politics website founded (as PoliticsNJ.com) by David Wildstein, the architect of Bridgegate.

This is the business, and family, that Trump has chosen.

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/05/11/donald-trump-hearts-chris-christie-buys-himself-a-share-of-bridgegate.html

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