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Rob Delaney raises almost $70,000 against former pro-Trump Republicans

The actor will donate to Democratic campaigns against GOP politicians, including John McCain, who withdrew support for Trump over misconduct allegations

Comedian Rob Delaney has raised tens of thousands of dollars in a bid to oust Republicans who tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump following his recent scandals.

Delaney, star of the TV show Catastrophe, established a fund on ActBlue, a fundraising site for the Democratic party, to raise money for opponents of Republicans who retracted their endorsement from Donald Trump in the past week after a recording of Trump making lewd remarks during an Access Hollywood appearance about groping women surfaced.

The fund has raised $68,294 from 1,176 donors in the four days since its launch.

Thats what it took for you to disavow him? Delaney said in a blogpost announcing the fund titled No Getting Off the Train. Since Im not a total moron, I know that what really happened is that it finally became clear to anyone who knows how elections work that Trump was definitely going to lose.

So the same drive for self-preservation that led these turd balls to endorse him in the first place, he continued, has compelled them to pull the ripcord when Access Hollywood revealed their pussy tape and gave them the opportunity to pretend they care about women or something.

rob delaney (@robdelaney)

#MAGA Please read, RT & punish defectors! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

October 9, 2016

The list includes more than a dozen names and the money will be distributed evenly among their opponents. Some Republican heavyweights are featured on the list such as former presidential nominee John McCain, who revoked his endorsement on Sunday, and New Jersey congressman Scott Garrett, who originally said Mike Pence would make a better nominee after the video was released but later added he would still vote for Trump.

Delaney is vocal about politics and, while he voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary campaign, he said he will be voting for Hillary Clinton for her policy on healthcare and her potential supreme court justice picks.

He has encouraged his 1.4 million Twitter followers to donate and has also called on Trump and his supporters to pledge to the campaign.

rob delaney (@robdelaney)

.@realDonaldTrump Sir, I made a fund to help defeat Republicans who are un-endorsing you! Please RT!

October 9, 2016

Several celebrities have chimed in to express their disdain towards Trump and have encouraged voters to register and ensure that the real estate mogul does not win the election. A litany of stars including Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, Julianne Moore and Don Cheadle, among others, released a video saying Mark Ruffalo also in the video would appear naked in his next movie if people registered to vote.

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South Bronx: home of hip-hop fights to keep its soul as gentrification creeps in

As Netflixs new show The Get Down charts the boroughs musical past, the area is becoming a hipster hotspot

In New York right now the talk is all about The Get Down. Baz Luhrmanns Netflix visual extravaganza charting the birth of hip-hop was the most eagerly awaited new show of the summer, a hugely expensive (its reported to have cost $120m) and vividly conceived take on a time when a few blocks in the South Bronx were at the centre of a musical revolution.

Yet while the rest of the city gives in to nostalgia for New Yorks heyday as the dirty, dangerous creative capital of the world, in the South Bronx itself a less welcome revolution is under way. The area that was once shorthand for urban decline, a no-go zone of burned-out buildings, addiction and despair, is in the developers crosshairs.

Theres talk of gentrification, of rebranding the area as the Piano District, of big-budget projects and of how the South Bronx could become the new Williamsburg, a hotspot for bars, restaurants and hipsters, if those involved just play it the right way. Silvercup Studios, the production facility behind TV shows such as Girls and Elementary, plans to open a new site in Port Morris, while real-estate firms Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group hope to develop a luxury apartment complex, complete with boutique hotels, nightclubs and a waterfront esplanade set to open in 2020.

Meanwhile, Robert De Niro is reported to be bringing the latest version of acclaimed Italian chef Massimo Botturas Refettorio Ambrosiano project to the area. The initiative tackles food waste while feeding the homeless.

Not everyone is convinced by these grand plans. Were fighting hyper-speculation where we see all this mass development coming into our community because the land is cheaper, says Mychal Johnson, who works for community group South Bronx Unite. People are coming in and trying to build so many different types of buildings almost 46% of all development in the Bronx is happening here in the South Bronx which has the potential to displace those who have been here struggling through the hard times. If you cant live in the South Bronx, then where can you live?

The Hub, heart of the South Bronx. Photograph: Barry Winiker/Getty Images

Walking around the crowded streets of Mott Haven, Melrose and Hunts Point with their car parts shops, small grocers and boarded-up buildings, talk of gentrification seems premature. This is an area with huge traffic congestion and air pollution dominated by the controversial Cross Bronx and Bruckner Expressways created by Robert Moses, Americas greatest town planner, which continue to cause problems more than 40 years after they were completed.

Many living here struggle financially, and the schools are notoriously bad a 2015 report in the New York Daily News branded them the citys worst, stating that 93% of South Bronx students were economically disadvantaged one in 10 students is homeless and the average attendance rate among the citys lowest. Asthma rates are among the highest in the US and life expectancy is in the mid-70s, the lowest of any neighbourhood in the city.

Theres been a lot of advancement in our community but the question remains for whom and at what cost? says Johnson. Are our schools better? Are we still unemployed? Are we better off environmentally than we were? Are any of the decisions being made going to change these scenarios?

Its true that much of the gentrification talk in the area appears to be so much surface glitter. This weekend will see the South Bronx host the No Commission Art Fair, an invite-only art and music fair curated by hip-hop producer and South Bronx native Swizz Beatz. The event is sponsored by Bacardi, and has drawn criticism throughout the neighbourhood. Local blog Welcome 2 The Bronx has been particularly vociferous, although a recent post by writer Ed Garca Conte stated that he had met Beatz and we agreed to collaborate on a future event that will be curated to include Bronx artists as the highlight.

The spectre of Brooklyn hangs heavy. Incomers to the city continue to flock to that boroughs hip enclaves such as Greenpoint, Fort Greene and Red Hook, forcing prices up and long-term residents out. When we were filming The Get Down we had a meeting with the Bronx borough president Reuben Diaz, says cultural critic and author Nelson George, who writes for the show. He said to us everybody in the Bronx wants some of what Brooklyns got but without that sort of social displacement. The question is how to bring in development without making the same sort of mistakes.

For Johnson the issue is that people look at the South Bronx and see not the people who live here but the potential for speculation. Theres no more land left in Manhattan and Harlem so suddenly this area is desirable, he says. And thats all good and fine but when developers come in, real-estate taxes and rental values go up and owners think, Well, I can get $2,400 for a studio so why not? What happens then to people of moderate, lower level and low income where do they live?

The Get Down, left to right: Skylan Brooks, Tremaine Brown Jr, Shameik Moore, Justice Smith and Jaden Smith. Photograph: Netflix

A recent report in the New York Times suggested that rents have risen sharply in the South Bronx over the past year, climbing by 28% in Mott Haven and Hunts Point and by 23.5% in Morrisania and Belmont. The paper suggested the rise was driven by the arrival of young, white, college-educated residents and its true that New York estate agents are making much of the fact that you can make it from Grand Central Station to the sweeping hilltop views of Grand Concourse in 20 minutes.

In rapidly developing Hunts Point, Majora Carter suggests there is a third way. The 49-year-old South Bronx native made her name with a series of regeneration projects most notably the Hunts Point Riverside Park, which transformed an abandoned lot into a lush, tree-lined space and has become something of a poster girl for the concept of self-gentrification.

People who live in low-status communities like nice things too, says Carter, who now runs a consultancy firm, the Majora Carter Group. I dont see anything romantic about poverty and I think trying to make people feel comfortable in that is a shameful thing to do. So our goal is always to figure ways and opportunities to make people think that there are other possibilities.

Carters recent projects include a trendy, brick-walled coffee shop and Start Up Box: South Bronx, a not-for-profit tech incubator that aims to employ young people from the area. Next up, she says, is a restaurant. Its all about giving people something beautiful to be in, she adds. When I grew up in the South Bronx it was the area that politicians came to as a stop on their political campaign to make all these promises which they never delivered on and I wanted to make sure that anything I did wasnt like that.

Carter is regularly attacked on social media by those who believe she cares only about one part of the community the young and upwardly mobile and has been accused of selling out by working with outside investors and development firms.

I think Majora looks at whats happening differently, says Johnson. Shes looking at how gentrification can help a community but I think thats dangerous because of how it displaces the community. If you create a business local residents cant afford, then your clientele comes from outside the community, so how does it help those who live here?

Carter remains bullish. If you call this gentrification, then it sounds like a really terrible thing where youre pushing people out deliberately and thats awful. But the thing is, gentrification happens the day you start telling the brightest kids in your community that to make something of yourself you have to leave or when you tell people the property they own isnt worth anything so they should just sell it on the cheap, she says. The issue here is about money, the lack of it, the lack of being able to make it, keep it and circulate it throughout our community. Were going to take the model of gentrification and make it work for us because if we keep giving people reasons to leave then they will.

The Get Down is on Netflix from this weekend

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TV upfronts: CBS promises Good Wife spinoff; the CW goes big on superheroes

The most popular network and its youthful sister decide to stick with whats working: more procedurals on CBS and plenty of spandex and capes on the CW

CBS is like Hillary Clinton at an Indian restaurant: she knows what she likes and shes not going to get too adventurous. At the television upfronts this week, where the networks present their new fall schedules to advertisers, the eye network just ordered up more of the same: procedurals and traditional sitcoms featuring well-worn funnymen.

Its sister network the CW is always chasing after the young people and there seems to be only one thing those young people want: superheroes. The network even poached Supergirl from CBS.

CBS showed off what they have in store on Wednesday, and the big change is that theyve revitalized their Monday comedy block by shipping Supergirl off to the CW and pushing Scorpion back to 10pm to make way for four comedies. Kevin Can Wait, a new sitcom starring Kevin James as a retired cop who has to deal with his insane family, will follow TVs biggest comedy, The Big Bang Theory, at 8.30pm EST until October when Big Bang moves to Thursday. Then Kevin will move to 8pm EST and will be followed by Man with a Plan, starring Matt LeBlanc as a contractor who has to deal with his insane family. Yes, they are essentially the same show. Returning comedies 2 Broke Girls and The Odd Couple fill out the night.

Once the NFL is done taking up Thursdays, Big Bang will introduce The Great Indoors at 8.30pm EST, with Joel McHale as the irascible magazine editor who must oversee a bunch of millennials who work on his publications website. Print media. How quaint! Returning comedies Mom and Life in Pieces fill up Thursday before Pure Genius at 10pm EST. It is about a tech billionaire who funds a new cutting-edge hospital.

Lucas Till as Angus Mac MacGyver coming to Friday nights soon. Photograph: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Well also see the addition of Bull, a show based on the pre-Oprah career of Dr Phil who started one of the biggest trial-consulting firms in the country. That airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST where it is bookended by NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. MacGyver, about the guy who can make a bomb out of a matchbook, some chewing gum and an old issue of Time magazine, will be on Fridays at 8pm EST after a new pilot is filmed with an entirely new script and mostly new cast.

NCIS: Los Angeles moves to Sundays at 8pm EST where Madam Secretary moves to 9pm to fill the slot vacated by The Good Wife. Sorry, but nothing can fill the slot vacated by The Good Wife in my heart. However, at the upfront presentation CBS did announce that Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo, who played Diane Lockhart and Luca Quinn, will get their own spinoff series on CBS All Access, the networks streaming service. That will kick off in spring 2017 with All Accesss other original program, a new Star Trek show.

Also in the spring, CBS will roll out Training Day, based on the Denzel Washington movie, and Doubt, a new lawyer show starring Katherine Heigl (again?), The West Wings Dul Hill, and Orange Is the New Blacks Laverne Cox.

The CW is now dedicating four of their 10 hours of original programing to shows adapted from DC Comics. Thats Supergirl on Monday, The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday. And then, on the fifth day, Superman rested.

Rachel Bloom with her Golden Globe for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, back for a second season. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The network is only adding two new shows to its lineup. The Flash will introduce new comedy No Tomorrow at 9pm EST on Tuesdays. Its about a risk-averse young woman (Tori Anderson) who is helping a crazy man (Jesse Rath) who thinks the world is ending in eight months, fulfill his apocalyst of all the things he wants to try before the world ends.

On Wednesdays, Arrow will lead into Frequency at 9pm EST, about a young female detective who is trying to clear the reputation of her father, a dirty cop who was killed years earlier.

Even though Supergirl is taking up some real estate on Mondays, thats not all bad news for cult favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which was renewed for season two (thank all that is holy!) and was moved to Friday at 9pm EST where it is partnered with the also upended Supernatural, which will air at 8pm EST.

Thanks to all of these capes, CW is saving some of its biggest shows The Originals, The 100, iZombie, and Reign for midseason where theyll be joined by the buzzy new show Riverdale, based on the long-running Archie comic book series. That is also produced by Greg Berlanti, who produces all the damn superhero shows too. Man, that guy is busy.

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