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Doctor Only Mortgage

Medical Professional Mortgage Program

Program Description

The Doctor Mortgage loan program offers 100% financing (Yes No Down Payment) and expanded underwriting requirements for qualified borrowers, including excluding student loan debt from the debt-to-income-ratio calculation and employment beginning post-closing for eligible professionals.

Eligible Professional Designations:

•Medical Resident

• Medical Doctor (MD)

• Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

• Doctor of Ophthalmology (MD)

• Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)

• Chiropractor (DC)

• Doctor of Surgery (DCH)


• Medical Fellow

• Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

• Doctor of Optometry (OD)

• Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

• Pharmacist (RPH)

• Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM)

• Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine (DPM)


Eligibility Matrix

Purchase and Rate/Term Refinance
Property Type Max Loan Amt. Loan To Value FICO Score DTI
1-2 Unit Property $1,000,000 100% 720 43%
1-2 Unit Property $1,500,000 95% 720 43%


Eligible Borrowers:

  • Must be an eligible medical doctor as defined in the Program Description section
  • US Citizen
  • Permanent Resident Aliens
  • Non-Permanent Resident Aliens
  • Unexpired visa & valid passport of an unexpired EAD card
  • Borrower must have a least one-year credit history in the US
  • A social security number is required


Ineligible Borrowers:

  • Non-Occupant borrowers
  • Borrowers without a credit score
  • Borrowers without a Social Security number

100% Financing

Employment Start Date Post-Close Requirements:

  • Employment for borrowers with the eligible profession may begin up to 90 days after note date when:
  • There is a non-contingent, fully executed (accepted) employment contract or offer letter documented in the loan file.
  • There is a verbal Verification of Employment (VOE) conducted to confirm the authenticity of the employment documentation prior to closing.

  • Eligible Property Types
    • Single Family (1-2 unit only)
    • Condominium (Warrantable)
    • PUDs
    • Townhomes
  • Ineligible Property Types
    • 3-4 Unit Properties
    • Manufactured Homes
    • Non-Warrantable Condominium
    • Dome Properties
    • Mixed Use Properties
    • Timeshares
    • Hobby/Working Farms
    • Properties in less than average condition
    • Co-op
    • Leasehold

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